Agricultural Practices Before and After the Green Revolution

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Agricultural practices are as old as the human civilization. Back then, they used primitive tools and equipments like spade, wooden ploughs and sickles. During those days, the population was small and therefore they cultivate only for their requirements. Ancient people work in the farm for their sustenance and therefore, they had only small land holdings for agricultural purposes.


Spade was one of the most important tools for digging. They manually dig the whole area of field for cropping. They used wooden ploughs driven by bullocks, horses or mules before transplanting the crops. When the time comes for harvesting, they used sickles, threshed manually, and carry on their backs or bullock carts. That was the basic reason why they could not cultivate a large area of farmland. However, they did not use insecticides and pesticides. There was natural soil fertility and thus it did not have adverse effects on health.

However, with the increase in population, there was the need to cultivate more areas of land and it was quite challenging to cultivate big farmlands due to lack of modern farm equipments. Therefore, there was once a famine in Bengal in 1943 where 4 millions of people died for want of food. It was shocking to have died so many people for scarcity of food. That was why the Government of India took the initiative to introduce the Green revolution with the hope of eliminating hunger in India.

India was not food sufficient until the coming of the Green revolution but when it was launched in some states of India, there was success and it brought smiles to many hungry farmers of India.

The success of the Green revolution was mainly due to the introduction of the High Yielding Variety of seeds, which was genetically modified to produce more yields per hectare. It was not just the seeds but the use of machines in farms enabled the farmers to cultivate much larger areas for surplus food crops. Application of technology and Science to nature and Agriculture is the need of the hour.

The use of machineries like tractors, harvesters, threshers and weeding machines simplified cultivation with the advent of the Green revolution. Farmers required fewer laborers whereas they could cultivate more lands for surplus food. It was not just the use of farm equipments but also the use of pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides simplified cultivation as manual weeding was not required.

Farming was mechanized to such an extent that farmers were able to produce more than what they can consume in a year and the surplus was made available for sale. They became self sustain for food and foodstuffs were available at a cheaper price for the buyers. The purchasing capacity of the farmers increased manifold due to surplus food they produced.

In general, the implementation of the Green Revolution was a boon for many poor farmers of India. They have abandoned the use of primitive tools because of the mechanized farming. Many booming agro-industries came up for manufacturing of machineries required for farming.

Transportation of goods from one region to another region is very easy nowadays and therefore, what Punjab cultivates easily reaches other parts of India. After the introduction of the Green revolution in India, she has become one of the third world countries who are self sufficient in food crops. Having seen the success in India, it is implemented in other parts of the region in Asia but it is not as successful as it is in India. The use of modern farm equipments and machines has largely contributed to the success of the Green Revolution.

If it had not been for the advancement in technology, HYV alone cannot bring success in the Green Revolution. Now there is driller for making hand pumps, long distance irrigation can be dug using earthmovers, sprayers are made for watering the food crops. Though the success is due to the launch of the Green Revolution, it also largely comes from advancement of technology without which it will be a partial success.

The Green Revolution versus Health and Environment

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What is the Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution is simply a strategy to improve agricultural yields to sustain food for all. It had its origin after the Second World War when more than 4 millions of people died in the Bengal famine in 1943. The basic idea behind this revolution is to yield more crops per hectare by using genetically modified (HYV) seeds, supply water through irrigation for double cropping and application of machineries in agriculture so that bigger areas of land can be cultivated.

For what reasons did India introduce the Green Revolution?

In order to make sure that no such famine like the ones that happened in Bengal repeats in India, the Government of India initiated the Green revolution. It was a huge success in India however; it was not equally successful in the rest of South-east Asian countries. India became almost self-sufficient after the implementation of Green Revolution in mainland India, which are the food producing states of the country.


Some positive effects of the Green Revolution

Although there are still millions who are hungry for food, the coming of the Green Revolution has subsided hunger in many states of India. The price of foodstuff has become cheaper and therefore, more people can effort to buy it. The incomes of the farmers were improved and therefore they had more purchasing capacity. Economically, India became one of the third world countries who became almost self sufficient in foodstuffs.

Impact of the Green Revolution on water table

In spite of the huge success of Agriculture with Green revolution in India, it is not without adverse effects. An in depth research shows that the water table of the earth is badly affected by implementation of the Green Revolution in some states of India.

In fact, 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and out of which only 2.5% is fresh water. It is found mostly in Polar Regions in Antarctica and Greenland. Thus, less than one per cent of fresh water is readily available for human consumption. Now, when the Green Revolution was implemented in some states, hand pumps were introduced for feeding water to their fields because HYV seeds require water three times more than traditional farming does. Water sources from irrigation does not suffice the needs because it was able to fed only 17% of the cultivated areas.

In order to make the Green revolution a reality, more hand pumps were introduced in different states, which contribute in depletion of ground water.

Our surface of the earth needs to recharge with water at 15 MAF so that the water table remains constant for our needs and requirements. However, maximum numbers of hand pumps and tube wells were introduced in agro-industrial regions, which deplete the surface water more than it can recharge. It utilizes 35 MAF annually, which is double the earth’s surface can recharge. Therefore, the water table keeps reducing at the rate of ten to thirty feet per year, which gives rise to conflicts for various issues.

Before the introduction of the Green Revolution, villagers used to get water from their shallow wells, which were almost fresh, but now, it has to dig deep wells and get water, which is rich in arsenic. Farmers use this water for drinking purposes as well as for farming.

Impact of the Green Revolution on health

The content of arsenic in water is harmful for our health as well as vegetables. It absorbs easily in leafy vegetables and therefore, its consumption is equally harmful for us. Arsenic water consumption has severe affects on our health. A few harmful effects include skin lesions, bladder cancer, kidney failure, abdominal pain, vomiting, dryness, tightness in throat, cramps and clammy sweats etc.

After five years of arsenic water consumption, the person is likely to have prostate cancer, immunological disorder, reproductive problems, lung cancer and even limb loss etc. to mention a few.

Villages where Green Revolution was implemented never had the history of skin lesions, which means it comes from deep tube wells containing arsenic in the water. If it is not treated in time, the consequence is fatal. This is the result of Green Revolution on our health.

Effect of the Green Revolution in our environment

With the coming of the Green revolution, HYV seeds not only require more water but it requires fertilizers and insecticides as well. Application of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides adversely affect the soil, which results into loss of fertility. Once fertilizers and insecticides are used, it seeps into the surface of the earth and pollutes the underground water. However, farmers are compelled to use it on regular basis in order to maintain volume of harvest.

Birds and animals are also affected by the use of fertilizers in our farms. Not all insects are harmful but it affects equally to all beneficial insects as well. When they are affected, the consumers are also affected indirectly.

Rice, maize, wheat, tomatoes, potatoes and almost any kind of food crops, which we consume, affects our health. Human beings are more prone to illness of various diseases due to consumption of inorganic food crops. All these come from the Green Revolution to your kitchen cooktop and dining table.


There are many positive results of the implementation of the Green revolution in terms of the abundant availability of food crops at a cheaper price. The problem of hunger in the country has reduced drastically. It brings smile into the face of the poor because they have more purchasing capacity compared to the days before the advent of the Green Revolution. However, considering the negative impacts on health and environment, India needs to reconsider the application of the strategies of the Green revolution all over India. Some measures and steps after in depth research need to take up to save our health and environment. After all, what is the meaning of life if you are not healthy? The steps taken up should include saving our environment from contamination and pollution while we also embrace the Green Revolution.

Is the Development of Induction Cooktop a Boon for Green Revolution?

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When we talk about Green Revolution, the basic idea that comes to our mind is the agriculture and its development that occurred in the 1940s and the late 1960s. It was an initiative taken to do research, analysis and technologies development; and it achieved its primary goal that is increase in agricultural production worldwide. It was a giant and a thoughtful step that improved economy worldwide and paved the way for development in many other fields.

It is found that the term ‘Green Revolution’ was first used by William Gaud, Director of United States Agency for International Development in 1968. He noted the invention and production of new technologies and spreading it worldwide for a greater cause. And what used to be mere agricultural revolution turned out to be driving force for many other revolutions. Today, when we talk about Green Revolution in a broader sense, it is not entirely based on agriculture. It has a much wider concept and covers many other subjects.


One interesting topic under green revolution is the Environmental Studies. In the quest for increase in agricultural production worldwide, many trees had been cut down. Machines are producing harmful gases and wastes. Chemicals are used worldwide. All these human actions had adversely affected our environment to a great extend that if we do not take up precautionary measures, we are at the point of extinction. Knowing this, scientist and technicians are contributing to this cause in a great way by developing new technologies and modern equipments that are environmental friendly. One such good example that we can take is the introduction of modern induction cooktop.

How does Induction Cooktop Help Create Green Environment?

Before jumping right away to the question, it would be meaningful if we take a brief analysis on what is induction cooktop and how it functions. Induction cooktop is a modern cooking device that uses electricity to derive its power. However, it is completely different from other electric cooktop or cooking method on how it cooks the food. The magic method that induction cooktop uses to cook the food is called induction heating. Click here to find everything about induction cooktop.

Inside an induction cooktop, a large copper coil is placed just underneath the cooking space. When electric current is supplied, it gets heated up and creates an electro-magnetic field capable of emitting heat when comes into contact with friendly element. So when you place a magnetic pan on top of induction coktop, the magnetic field created by the copper coil heats up the cooking pot directly. This process is known as induction heating. It is energy efficient and thus cooks double times faster than other cooking methods available like that of gas and electric coil cooktops.

Go Green with Induction Cooktop

As a smart modern device, induction cooktop has many advantages and benefits that will give you best cooking experience while maintaining a clean environment.  Induction cooktop is the cleanest method of cooking food due to the fact that it only needs electricity to operate. There is no burning of gas or wood like other kinds of cooktop hence making it the cleanest and safest of all. It is very safe in the sense that there is no open flame in it and therefore it does not emit any harmful gas. Your kitchen will remain cool and you and your family will stay healthy and sound.

Unlike gas and other cooktop; which is not favorable for anywhere cooking, induction cooktop gives you the possibility of cooking anywhere, provided there is wall socket. In this way, you can cook anywhere and the best thing is the environment and the surrounding remains clean and perfect. Even after use, you will not find ruins or mess to the nearby environment.

Induction cooktop comes with technology packed features that does not only gives you the best cooking experience, but more importantly for your safety and environment safety overall. The false alarm technology, auto cookware detection, automatic shutdown, touch control, LED display screen, etc. are all for the environment benefits.

If you think seriously about your environment and would like to contribute in a very small way for this noble cause, induction cooktop is a way to go. This modern technology device will give you the best user experience and above all save the environment from harmful threats. Go green and live green. Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

Create Eco-Friendly Kitchen With Modern Cooktop

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Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels that are available for cooking and for other purposes. If your hobby is cooking, you could love to cook on a gas cooktop because its energy efficient, quick and safe for cooking any kinds of dishes for the family.

Using gas cooktop will enhance the value of your kitchen since it gives you all the comfort and pleasure of cooking at peace. It’s highly efficient, reliable and affordable.

The gas cooktop is an environment friendly cooktop which is a perfect choice for those who are passionate about cooking. Natural gas is a boaster for green revolution as well.


The word “Green” is often associated with environment. So green energy is the purest source of energy or power. This non-polluting, renewable source of energy is clean and safe. Inorder to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of living in a green world, we need to encourage one another to use the cleanest and the most natural source of energy in all that we use and do.

Gas cooktop are energy efficient and environmentally friendly when compared to other cooktops like electric and induction that are available in the world market. Moreover, gas cooktop would definitely be cheaper and cost effective than the other cooktops. The top induction cooktop 2015 which are manufactured and launched by various companies across the world are quite expensive, middle class families will not be able to afford such cooktops for their kitchen.

There are varieties of gas cooktop deferring in design, size, shape, color and features.

GE appliances cooktops are uniquely designed to create an ideal environment where people would love to spend time in cooking and share their joys and happiness over the meal. Let’s look at one of the gas cooktop they have produced.

GE Cafe 36 inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop Model No. CGP650SETSS 

This cooktop comes with five burners including tri-ring burner. The burners are sealed to the cooktop making it very convenient and easy to wipe, clean and maintain.

The stainless steel construction with powerful elements complements its durability and appearance of the cooktop.

The dimension of the GE Cafe gas cooktop is 36 inch Width x 3.5 inch Height x 20.75 inch Depth, and this would weigh about 49 pounds at the most.

This cooktop has a standard dial control system with a deep recessed surface.

It has total 20,000 BTU tri-ring burners. The three-in-one burner is designed for powerful boiling and smooth simmering. So it’s perfect and ideal for any type of cooking.

GE Cafe 36 inch gas cooktop is uniquely designed with a control button which is located at the front center for easy and convenient function.

The precise simmer burner will allow for low, even heat distribution which is excellent for delicate food and for preparing sauces for your children and family members.

With the support of the non-stick griddle and non sticky surface, you will enjoy the freedom of preparing pancakes, omelets, bacon and any food items of your choice.

It has a sleek LED backlit knob which indicates that the burners are on and ready for cooking.

The premium heavy cast iron grates & griddle delivers the best cooktop performance. It’s very firm and sturdy, adding value to its durability and long lasting.

This package comes with LP conversion kit for enabling you to convert into Propane gas or natural gas. Moreover, it includes a stainless steel cleaner for keeping it neat and clean.

This cooktop can easily and quickly be started with the support of the electrical ignition system.

GE appliances Gas cooktop is ADA Compliant, ANSI Certified and 1-UL listed. So it’s trustworthy.

The manufacturer gives one year limited warranty for the parts and labor.

Natural gas provides instant heat with an adjustable temperature that can be controlled on gas cooktops and other ranges at your preference.

The GE Cafe Series gas cooktop is one of the hottest selling appliances in the world. Cooking is very convenient and easy, your dishes and food items will be delicious and yummy when you cook with it.

Among the list of cooktops that are available in the market, gas cooktop is fabulous and amazing. In every kitchen, modern cooktop such as natural gas or the propane gas cooktop are installed and used for cooking delicious food for the family.

Kindle Voyage and its Contribution to Make the World Go Green

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Since the time Amazon launched the first Kindle, it has never stop to upgrade the Kindle e-book reader. According to reviewers 2015, Amazon’s Kindle Voyage is the best e-book reader so far with many features like the glass HD touch screen, adaptive front lighting, and easy page turns. Amazon launched this Kindle Voyage in October 2014 in the United States with some additional features from the Kindle Paperwhite.


Style and Design 

Kindle Voyage has almost the same looks with Kindle Paperwhite. However, it is a little slimmer and lighter in weight than Kindle Paperwhite. The sleek looks are just perfect for sliding easily in the pocket or for a comfortable hold with a single hand.


Battery backup is just wonderful because you don’t have to charge daily but weekly. Once it is fully charged, it will last six weeks at the rate of half an hour of reading every day. Don’t worry because you just have to plug in for three hours only to get it charged.


This kindle has the best readability compared with other e-book readers because the screen resolution is 1448 X 1072. It has 300 ppi for the best display of the screen. Kindle Voyage has a micro-etched glass screen, which easily diffuses the reflection of light, and so it reduces glare of your eyes in the sun. Another interesting feature of Kindle Voyage is the adaptive front light, which adjusts to the light condition of the room. If you are in a dim room and suddenly go outside in the bright light, it will automatically adjust the brightness for you to read without glare and strain in the eyes.


The Kindle voyage has the capacity to hold about 2000 books on its hard drive. You can read books, magazines, newspapers as well as other titles from Amazon. It has thousands and thousands of titles you can access through Kindle voyage. It is comparatively much cheaper than buying physical books. However, there is no audio functionality like many other e-readers because it is meant for reading.

Like other predecessors of Kindle, this Kindle Voyage also comes in two versions:  One with Wi-Fi only and the other one come with Wi-Fi and 3G. There are slight differences in price as well.

What is New or Improved?

Enjoy the experience of reading with Kindle Voyage with lots of new and improved technologies like word wise for improvement of your vocabulary, X-ray for scanning the chapter, characters or topics of interest. The bezel for page turns is impressive. All you have to do is press at the sides of the reader and it will turn the page, it’s as simple as that. In the case of the other e-readers, you need to swipe or tap to turn the pages. The advantage of this reader is that you can continue reading with a single hand.  The 300 ppi of the screen with micro-etched glass is worthy of praise for the improvement, which enables reading in both the dark and brightness alike without glare and eyestrain.

How Far is Kindle Voyage True to Make the World Go Green

We know that the environment we live today is not just the same we lived ten years ago. Technology is advancing every day at the cost of sacrificing our environment. Global warming is a challenge to our alarming world. Pollution of our environment partly comes from factories and industries. Nowadays, we don’t find virgin forest due to excessive cutting down of forest for various purposes, which partly contributes global warming.

Therefore, Kindle Voyage has revolutionized the use of electronic books so that thousands of trees for making paper are saved for the future. There will be automatic reduction of cutting down of trees, bamboos etc. for making paper. Reading in kindle is almost the same as reading a real book. If thousands of books are to be printed in real paper, just think of the cost and the materials likely to be involved. It will surely bring the world closer to our dooms day but thanks to Amazon and its technologies for being able to compress and get electronically printed books for a cheaper price, which saves trees for a cleaner environment.

With the change in technology, people are now aware of the advantage of electronic books, which saves space of your library rooms with bulky books. A little contribution from Amazon can have a huge difference in the future. If thousands of trees and plants are cut every day for making paper, the world will be burnt to ash in a few years time.

What You Should Do?

Buy e-book readers either it is Amazon’s kindle or any other e-reader because that is your contribution to save our environment. It is easier to access and cheaper as well. Moreover, it is not like physical books because you can buy once and read everywhere.

Encourage others to use kindle e-book reader because you can learn more about anything by reading with this e-book due to its rich features. If billions of people started using e-book readers, the importance of paper will definitely reduce by and by and therefore, within a few years, we will see more trees and green forest to check global warming.

My Final Thought

Kindle Voyage is one of the best e-book readers for the various features it offers to the customers for a comfortable reading of any books. However, when we compare the price of the other e-readers, it is a little pricey but let us encourage and promote the use of e-book readers to make the world go green. Let us buy more e-books like Kindle Voyage from Amazon and help save trees for a greener environment. You may check out for more reviews on Kindle Voyage 2015 and other e-book readers so that each one of us gets a good knowledge in shouldering the global issues together.


Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving and Efficient Induction Cooktops 2013

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Technology plays a very important role in producing almost anything that we use and need on daily basis. However, there is always a better way and means to achieve such goals by choosing to use and to adopt the most effective, energy efficient and environment friendly methods.

There are different methods of cooking that are used and practiced by different group of people in the world. Cooking can be done with the help of oven, grill, stoves, fire, and griddle and much more.


Cooking may also be done with the help of cooktops which are commonly categorized as gas, electric and induction. However, Induction is the safest cooking method which is widely used all over the countries. Its energy efficient and environment friendly cooktop. Induction cooking technology is truly amazing and it’s a wonderful experience.

Induction method is among the greatest cooking technology in the world.

Nowadays, Induction cooking has become much more popular and the numbers of induction cooktops from the leading brands have increased dramatically.

The top six leading Induction Cooktop Brands are listed below with their best models which are famous and great in demand over the world market:

  1. The Bosch Cooktop 

Bosch is one of the top leading producers of Induction Cooktops. Bosch cooktops are fabulous in design; it has remarkable features with high performance.

The Bosch kitchen appliances are mainly based in Munich, Germany.

Bosch frequently receives top ratings in leading consumer publications and it’s the winner of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award.

Bosch has been selling high performance German-engineered major kitchen and cooking appliances in the United States since 1991.

Among their list of productions the below Models are well known and in high demand all over the countries.

  • Bosch Induction Cooktop Model No. PIE775T01E 
  • Bosch Model No. NIT3065UC 300 30 Inch Induction Cooktop
  1. The Thermador Cooktop. 

Thermador is among the top leading brands that manufactures excellent and high performing cooktops in the world.

Thermador Induction cooktop is one of the coolest products that are available in the market today.

The Masterpiece Series induction cooktops are of the top selling cooktops of the world.

  • Thermador Induction Cooktop 36 Inch Masterpiece Series 

Model No. CIT365KBB

  • Thermador 30 inch Masterpiece Series Induction Cooktop 

Model No. CIT304KM

  1. The Miele Cooktop 

Miele is one of the top quality controlled companies around the world.

They are very famous and well known for manufacturing remarkable and efficient induction cooktops which are highly powerful and efficient for cooking various dishes for the entire family.

  • Miele Induction Cooktop Model No. KM 6349 
  • Miele Induction Cooktop Model No. KM 6386
  1. The Frigidaire Cooktop 

Frigidaire is a popular affordable luxury brand in the American appliance market and they have a solid service history in the recent years.

They have already developed and launched two series of Induction Cooktops namely, the Professional Series and the Gallery Series.

Frigidaire induction cooktops are also considered as the best seller of the year.

  • Frigidaire Professional Series Model No. FPIC3695MS 
  • Frigidaire 30 inch Induction Cooktop Model No. FPIC3095MS
  1. The GE Appliances Cooktop 

GE Appliances is one of the topmost leading manufacturers of cooktops. They have crafted and produced high quality Induction Cooktops which are very efficient and highly productive for cooking any kinds of food items.

GE Induction cooktops are superb in design with very attractive features.

  • GE Profile Series 36 inch Induction Cooktop Model No. PHP960SMSS
  • GE Profile Series 30 inches Induction Cooktop Model No. PHP900SMSS
  1. The Waring Cooktop 

With seventy five years of manufacturing expertise, Waring is among the top leading brands that produces the most professional induction cooktops for outstanding results.

Waring is universally known for introducing top class induction cooktops in America. It’s also one of the most well known manufacturers of professional quality kitchen appliances in the world.

  • Waring Single Burner Induction Cooktop Model No. ICT200 
  • Waring Double Burner Induction Cooktop Model No. ICT400

There are various other brands that also manufacture Induction Cooktops such as

New Wave, Duxtop, Max Burton, Hamilton Beach and True Induction

There are many other cooktops like, gas and electric cooktops that are available in the market. But, Induction is the fastest cooking method which is largely adopted and installed in almost every modern kitchen. It’s an environment friendly and eco- friendly cooktop.

Induction cooking technology gives off the least residual heat, so less venting is required. But at the same time it’s highly efficient and powerful cooktop for coking various kinds of food for the family. It heats up the cookware with no open flames.

Induction is the most efficient cooking method because there is very little loss of heat when cooking. Induction cooktops are very easy to clean and maintain without much effort. Induction is one of the easiest cooking surfaces to control. It’s very responsive with the ability to quickly change from a high power sear down to a low simmer.

To know more about energy efficient, eco-friendly cooktop brands, special and hottest models and other details about induction cooktops you may also log on to  

To make this world a better place to live in we need to strive our best to live more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Therefore let us encourage one another to choose products that are eco-friendly and energy saving.

Technology and Application of Internet for a Greener World

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Technology is something we use in our everyday life. It may be gadgets like mobile phones, computer, ipads or ipods and much more. There is always technology behind all these gadgets. As it has become an everyday use, we seldom remember the uses or the roles it plays in making the world go green. In fact we can hardly live without technology.

Technology is so advanced that software in the gadgets are compressed to store lots of information with functionalities to ease life. Life has never been the same since the use of mobiles and computers at home and in the office came into existence.


Using the technology of mobiles, tablets, laptops and iPods, let’s see how it help us in contributing the world to go green.

Technology and You

A few years back, you were compelled to go to banks and withdraw or deposit money physically. What involves in it is the time you spend in the bank and conveyance with automobiles. You need to spend more money for fare and by travelling with cars, the exhaust of your car helps in polluting the environment. Today, all you have to is just a simple click of a button to withdraw or transfer money at others account. You don’t have the need to stand in queues in the hot sun or in the rain. Thanks to technology for making life simpler for a greener environment. These days, you can take the help of the internet to shop, bank, fill out forms sent emails and many other things. However, you should be able to operate it otherwise there is no point in having this facility. If you have the knowledge of computers, the internet is a boon for all of us. The other set back is that there are some mobiles, which are not compatible for using the internet. In such cases, you have to go for laptops or notepads to use the internet.

Digitized Technology for a Greener World

The world is so advanced that almost everything has been digitized to make everything simplified. It is easier to go paperless in almost all the institutions like banks, employment offices, insurance companies to mention a few. Here, the internet plays a vital role in going paperless pay stubs, bills, receipts and other documents. Now premiums and income taxes can be paid online. Exam forms can be done online and even courses can be studied online. The trend has drastically changed to go paperless in everything transactions.

What does it Matter if We Go Paperless?

The importance of going paperless is immense. There was a time when thousands of trees had to be cut to make papers for billions of people who uses paper in their daily life. Now, with the change in trend, fewer trees are being cut to make papers. We still feel the need of paper but not so important as it was in the past. If we save trees, the world will naturally go green on its own. Always human interference has damaged the green environment of the world.

In fact, it takes 24 trees to make a ton of paper and one tree to make only 16 reams of paper. If half of the population does not use paper, it will not only reduce landfill space but also reduce green house gases from the factories. Paper manufacturing mills are the fourth leading contributors of green house gases in the world. Therefore, the sooner we transform the habit of not using paper, the faster it will be for the world to go green.

What You should Do for a Greener World?

The first thing you should do for a greener world is to use the internet service with modern gadgets for most of the things you do in the office or at home. If you use online services, it cuts down the use of papers. With the help of the internet, you can keep the world at your fingertips. These days there is nothing much you cannot pay your bills online. One good example of online shopping is that catalogues, which used to deliver through the post is not seen anymore because there are many catalogues available online. In addition to that, advertisement of the products is easily seen on the gadgets. It is just a matter of a click of a button. Therefore, the necessity of paper catalogues does not arise. It will be obsolete very soon. The good news is that once you started going paperless, you are at least contributing something for a greener world. If asll the millions of people started going paperless, the world will become greener within a shorter span of time.

The internet plays a vital role in making the world go green. Emails, messages and other business correspondence are done through this without the use of papers. Social Medias also play a vital role for keeping in close contact with each other though physically, we are miles away from each other. The importance of communicating with letters is obsolete for both personal and business purposes. All these contribute in less usage of papers, which indirectly saves trees for a greener world.

Final Thought

For everyone in the world to take part in making the world go green, manufacturers should reduce the cost of gadgets so that more people can have access to technology, which indirectly helps in saving trees. Moreover, people should be well informed about the importance of saving trees and how each one of us can contribute for a greener world. Therefore, take advantage of the advancement in technology and the application of internet for a green earth.