Duxtop 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch 8300ST Induction Cooktop


The Duxtop 8300ST Induction cooktop is one of the best revolutionized cooktops that modern technologies have in store for us to cook the best food. The touch control panels are very sensitive to the touch and very efficient in speed. The wide range of temperature and heat settings is an innovative idea of cooking fast and easy. It is not only portable but user friendly as well.

Five Key Features Of the Duxtop 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop

  • Child safety lock: The child safety lock is an outstanding feature of the Duxtop 1800 portable cooktop because, your cooktop can be locked if children are around to avoid kitchen accidents.
  • 10 different temperature and power settings: It’s a cooktop with a difference as evident from the fact that it has a wide range of temperature settings from 140 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit and power ranges from 200 to 1800 watts for the convenience of cooking your favorite dish.
  • Portability and compact design: The size of the cooktop is small but it gives excellent experience of cooking your choices food.
  • Auto detection of pans and voltage warning: The moment you placed a ferrous pan on the cooktop, it will automatically respond and if it is removed, the power supply will cut off within a minute. And for our safety, the cooktop will warn us when the voltage is getting too low or too high.

Why you should buy Duxtop 1800 watt?

If you have a tight budget to purchase a cooktop, this Duxtop 1800 is a great choice for you. This cooktop has a very sensitive touch control panel for easy cooking. It is compact in size and elegant in style. It is very convenient for small kitchens.

The lock key in the power control panel enables us to lock the panel from accidental touches while cleaning. It is also a safety device for curious children at home.

In terms of speed, it is much faster than traditional electric or gas cooktops, so what more can you expect from this little cooktop?

Again, the precision in temperature control gives the most delicious food you never had with conventional cooktops.

Advantages: The cooktop gives a beeping signal as soon as the pan on the cooktop is removed and automatically shuts off after 30 seconds.

The control panel is literally unbreakable unlike the conventional knobs.

The smooth surface of the cooktop is very easy to clean and power efficient, which in turn saves time and money.

The downsides of the Duxtop 8300ST

The fan is a little noisy while cooking and the beep is rather loud and irritating when the pot is removed while the cooktop is on. This cooktop is very picky in pans as it does not work with non ferrous pots. However, that is the principle of how induction works. Try a magnet test before you buy the cooktop. If the magnet sticks to your pan it works well. Visit Site – CooktopHunter.com –  for more portable induction cooktop reviews.

A few final words about the Duxtop sensor touch 1800watt cooktop: This compact cooktop is portable and very convenient to carry around in places wherever there is power outlet. The touch sensitive sensor works like magic. The wonders of science and technology does not confine only in your rooms with electronic gadgets but even in your kitchen for your safe cooking in speed with precise temperature.

If you have a plan to buy a cooktop, go for Duxtop 8300ST smoothtop because in terms of performance, price and ease of use, this not a bad choice at all. You will have maximum benefits out of this low budget cooktop. It will be great fun to cook in style and relish with your favorite dish. Thanks to modern technology for making innovative ways of cooking possible in our kitchen.

Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is Applausive


The best ever kitchen machine is here to satisfy your kitchen needs from the house of Bosch. This powerful machine serves multipurpose needs of your kitchen from kneading dough to beating eggs to crushing potatoes. If you are the kind of person who is fond of bread, this machine does the best bread with the least effort within a few minutes. There are various functions of this little machine to simplify life in your kitchen. Read on to learn more about what this machine can do for you.

  • This machine is made of high quality plastic; it is sealed, light in weight and dishwasher safe.
  • It has four settings for high and low speed
  • It has 6.5 quarts of mixing bowl
  • A dough hook, a whip wire and splash ring is included in the machine
  • Attachments for additional accessories eliminates the need for more kitchen appliances

This one -in -all machines serves multipurpose needs in your kitchen. It does beating, mixing, kneading dough, and mashing potatoes. It almost catches anything and tears up whatever you throw in the machine.

If you are fond of bread, this machine is something you will fall in love. It easily beats enough dough for six or more bread of loaves at a time.

This is one of the best kitchen machines for blending or mixing for making cakes, bread or fresh butter every time you want to have it. If you have wheat, you can ground it with this machine and feel the fresh taste of bread. Frankly, this machine does better than a machine that makes bread.

It has a high speed kneading and blending that making bread is just a question of a few minutes. The machine has four levels of speed from one to four that can be increased or decreased depending on how you want it.

The reason why people like this machine is that it has many attachments for different blenders and mixers for serving different purposes. It is handier to have a single machine with different functions rather than numerous machines to fill your countertops.

However, this machine is not without drawbacks. The roaring machine is too noisy once it started running the machine with 800 watts. In addition, the cleanup is tough with curves and crevices. Nevertheless, it is not an alarming issue because you can simplify your cleaning by washing the machine minus the post in warm water. It is dishwasher safe so you need not worry for the damage likely to happen.

As far as my experience is concerned, it is a must-have machine for our kitchen needs. If you are looking for multipurpose machine, this meets your requirement. It is not a bad investment for your kitchen needs.

Top Performing and Selling Electric Shavers of 2014


These days most men prefer to use electric shaver over manual blade. There are many reasons why electric shavers are gradually gaining more popularity over manual blades. The most appealing characteristics of electric shaver are the abilities to give a quick, close and comfortable shave.

However, not every electric shaver would be as efficient as we mentioned. We still need to be very careful while picking our electric shaver. While deciding which brand to opt for, we find Braun, Phillips and Panasonic to be most reliable. These brands are very competitive and would come out with some of the most innovative breakthroughs time and again.

Braun and Panasonic are into manufacturing foil shavers while Philips concentrates with rotary shavers. Let’s checkout some of the best performing foil and rotary shavers on the market.

The best of Philips electric shavers include the Norelco 3D shaver series and the Aquatec Power Touch series. If you’re looking for the best rotary shaver we would highly recommend Philips Norelco 3D as the most eligible shaver. Consumers are extremely satisfied with the shaver for its ability to give a close and comfortable shave. This shaver is equally efficient for wet and dry shaving.

Another very popular foil shaver on the market is the Panasonic Arc 5 shaver. This is presently the most expensive shaver on the market and you can also expect to get the best performance. It is very fast with 5 blades and powerful linier motor drive with 14,000 RPM. Though it has a powerful motor it creates less noise compared to other foil shavers. This shaver is best suited for people with thick beard looking for a clean and close shave. Less powerful shaver can be a problem with people with thick beard.

Another celebrated shaver is from Braun Company, the Braun series 7 790cc. Many people would consider this shaver as the best shaver overall. It comes with 7 years of warranty from the company and promises to deliver a close and comfortable shave you could ever expect from electric shaver.

If you checkout Pick My Shaver electric shaver reviews website they also consider Braun series 790cc as the best performing shaver on the market.

These shavers are high-end shavers and they all include automatic cleaning station which can clean, lubricates and scent the shaver at a touch of a button. They are also expensive.

If your budget is a little tight you may consider the mid-end categories such as the Braun series 3 and Panasonic Arc 3. They can be very efficient when you have medium thick beard or less.

The Best of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Features That Makes It So Popular


Is Kindle Fire a threat to Apple’s iPad, the best selling and popular tablet? Going by the popularity of Kindle Fire tablet Apple should definitely worry and work harder to uphold the position of iPad as the best selling tablet in the world.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is the latest version of Kindle tablet with groundbreaking features and available for a very competitive price. It is priced almost half the price of iPad yet considered equally efficient and dynamic by many users. The kudos features of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 are as follows:

The Beautiful 8.9” HDX Display

The display is big and beautiful. It features a resolution of 2560×1600 and pixel density of 339 PPI. The display goes beyond standard HD, and much better than the previous generation – Kindle Fire HD. If you checkout sites for Kindle Fire HD Vs Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 every reviewer would appreciate the new HDX display. It is more vivid and more lifelike.

Moreover, the new display is great for outdoor viewing. This is because of the dynamic contrast that automatically optimizes each pixel depending on the lightning condition. The display is amazing for watching videos and images, and great to read books as well. It may not be as good as Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (review) as some may argue but nonetheless a good option.

Very Light and Portable

Thought the display is big it weighs very less. When compared you’d find it 34% lighter than the older generation yet more sturdy and durable. It weighs a mere 13.2 oz. This is done using unique magnesium unibody, a technology and material used in high-performance race cars.

Powerful Processor

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is not just another tablet, it is a powerhouse powered by the latest 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. In addition you get 2 GB of RAM. This is much like a laptop configurations. Browsing websites, launching apps or multitasking is super fast. Game lovers will adore this new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablet.

On-Device Live Tech Support

This On-device tech support is a very unique and impressive feature that is only available with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Whenever you need help, live support is just a tap away available 24X7. You’ll see tech supporter live on the screen to guide and help you anytime, but they won’t see you. Cool, right!

Excellent Battery Life

Unlike most tablets that give about 7 – 8 hours of battery life this Kindle Fire HDX delivers 12 hours of uncompromised battery life when you are watching videos or listening to music. For reading only you’ll get around 18 hours.

HD Front and Rear Cameras

The front camera is 8MP suitable for high resolution photographs and 1080p HD video. The front camera which is often used to make video call is capable of giving 720p HD video. The back camera support panorama and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging and along with the camera app you can easily edit, store and share photos with your love ones.