Should Fire Pit be Banned to Create Green Environment?

firepit and environment

Green Revolution starts with the Agriculture Revolution that dates back to the late 40s and 60s of nineteenth century. With its success and great achievement, it effected many other revolutions and now the term Green Revolution is an elaborated and a broad subject. Green Revolution is closely associated with our environment; creating a friendly environment by using modern technologies and developing new modern gadgets.

Development goes hand in hand; meaning to say it is a chained process. We learned that one development may hinder the growth or development of another one. This can be a serious issue because it cannot let us take that giant step for our goodwill cause. What we can do is create proper measures and channel our steps properly so that technology and development will work hand in hand, taking us closer to our objectives of keeping the environment in balance.

One of the affects of modern technology and new development is the direct or indirect affect on our environment. For example, cutting down of trees, burning woods and wastes, use of chemicals, modern machines and equipments, etc.; which are actually taken up to satisfy our needs harm our environment to a great extend and thus jeopardized our lives. One example that we can take is the use of fire pits and burning woods.

Modern Fire Pits

Fire pits are used occasionally or especially during the rainy cold season. Fire pits can be classified into two types. One is the natural wood burning firepits and the other one is the gas/propane gas firepits. We had been practicing the use of fire pit for a long time and now we are habituated with this practice. Again there are indoor firepits (that are used inside our home) and outdoor firepits (that are used out of doors). There are eco-friendly kitchen too which we all can adopt.

Fire pit is an essential item in our home because it helps us create a great environment setting where we can gather for party or any such occasion. You will certainly see the usefulness of it during cold season. It will keep you and your whole family warm and cozy. Your family can cuddle up around the fire pit and have a good time. Not only keeping you warm, a fire pit is essential in setting up a nice atmosphere. Lighting up a fire pit at your backyard or patio at evening after work can surely ease you and take away your stress. You can have lunch or dinner at your backyard during weekends or holidays smoking chicken thighs, hot dogs, etc. and enjoy with your family. Camping, hiking or adventuring outdoors would be funless and boring without a fire pit. It is such a bliss and joy sitting around a campfire playing games, sharing stories, singing and all that sorts. But how is it harming our own existence and what are the affects of burning wood to the environment in general is a question we need to ask ourselves today.

What Measures Should Be Taken Up?

As we have seen using fire pit involves cutting down of woods and burning it; which is harmful to the environment, we need to take up certain preventive measures. Using of gas fire pit as an alternative to the wood burning fire pit is highly recommendable. Using gas fire pit might not give us the real campfire experience like that of wood burning fire pit, but it can serve our purpose as well as maintaining the environmental balance. And now through modern technology, gas fire pit can put up a big nice flame just like that of burning wood by using artificial wood logs and lava rocks. In many states, burning of woods in open spaces are now banned, which is a good step towards green environment. It’s not that we should totally ban the use of fire pits, but what we can do at the least is be careful and take up preventive measures to maintain eco-friendly environment for our own long-term benefits.