Technology and Application of Internet for a Greener World


Technology is something we use in our everyday life. It may be gadgets like mobile phones, computer, ipads or even the latest gas cooktop on the market. There is always technology behind all these gadgets. As it has become an everyday use, we seldom remember the uses or the roles it plays in making the world go green. In fact we can hardly live without technology.

Technology is so advanced that software in the gadgets are compressed to store lots of information with functionalities to ease life. Life has never been the same since the use of mobiles and computers at home and in the office came into existence.

Using the technology of mobiles, tablets, laptops and iPods, let’s see how it help us in contributing the world to go green.

Technology and You

A few years back, you were compelled to go to banks and withdraw or deposit money physically. What involves in it is the time you spend in the bank and conveyance with automobiles. You need to spend more money for fare and by travelling with cars, the exhaust of your car helps in polluting the environment. Today, all you have to is just a simple click of a button to withdraw or transfer money at others account. You don’t have the need to stand in queues in the hot sun or in the rain. Thanks to technology for making life simpler for a greener environment. These days, you can take the help of the internet to shop, bank, fill out forms sent emails and many other things.

However, you should be able to operate it otherwise there is no point in having this facility. If you have the knowledge of computers, the internet is a boon for all of us. The other set back is that there are some mobiles, which are not compatible for using the internet. In such cases, you have to go for laptops or notepads to use the internet.

Digitized Technology for a Greener World

The world is so advanced that almost everything has been digitized to make everything simplified. It is easier to go paperless in almost all the institutions like banks, employment offices, insurance companies to mention a few. Here, the internet plays a vital role in going paperless pay stubs, bills, receipts and other documents. Now premiums and income taxes can be paid online. Exam forms can be done online and even courses can be studied online. The trend has drastically changed to go paperless in everything transactions.

What does it Matter if We Go Paperless?


The importance of going paperless is immense. There was a time when thousands of trees had to be cut to make papers for billions of people who uses paper in their daily life. Now, with the change in trend, fewer trees are being cut to make papers. We still feel the need of paper but not so important as it was in the past. If we save trees, the world will naturally go green on its own. Always human interference has damaged the green environment of the world.

In fact, it takes 24 trees to make a ton of paper and one tree to make only 16 reams of paper. If half of the population does not use paper, it will not only reduce landfill space but also reduce green house gases from the factories. Paper manufacturing mills are the fourth leading contributors of green house gases in the world. Therefore, the sooner we transform the habit of not using paper, the faster it will be for the world to go green.

What You should Do for a Greener World?

The first thing you should do for a greener world is to use the internet service with modern gadgets for most of the things you do in the office or at home. If you use online services, it cuts down the use of papers. With the help of the internet, you can keep the world at your fingertips. These days there is nothing much you cannot pay your bills online. One good example of online shopping is that catalogues, which used to deliver through the post is not seen anymore because there are many catalogues available online. In addition to that, advertisement of the products is easily seen on the gadgets. It is just a matter of a click of a button. Therefore, the necessity of paper catalogues does not arise. It will be obsolete very soon. The good news is that once you started going paperless, you are at least contributing something for a greener world. If asll the millions of people started going paperless, the world will become greener within a shorter span of time.

The internet plays a vital role in making the world go green. Emails, messages and other business correspondence are done through this without the use of papers. Social Medias also play a vital role for keeping in close contact with each other though physically, we are miles away from each other. The importance of communicating with letters is obsolete for both personal and business purposes. All these contribute in less usage of papers, which indirectly saves trees for a greener world.

Final Thought

For everyone in the world to take part in making the world go green, manufacturers should reduce the cost of gadgets so that more people can have access to technology, which indirectly helps in saving trees. Moreover, people should be well informed about the importance of saving trees and how each one of us can contribute for a greener world. Therefore, take advantage of the advancement in technology and the application of internet for a green earth.