The Most Natural Source Of Energy – Sun & Wind Technology


Today, people are lost in the excitement of developing and using new technologies without thoroughly examining their effects on the world around us. At the same time we cannot ignore and undermine the importance of technology in our life.

Modern machinery and technologies consume a lot energy which in turn creates a lot of mess. There are many ways in which technology have harmed our health, the environment and the world at large.

Therefore, we should try our best to adopt and use technologies that improve not only our daily life, but our future and the world environment that we live in. Choosing environmentally friendly products and technology is more important than ever.

The dependence  on fossil fuels like gas, coal, oil, etc. is becoming acute on a daily basis. Most of the industrialised nations depend almost entirely on these fuels. So the world that we live is getting more and more polluted and difficult to survive. It is paramount that we find alternative energy to live in a greener world before facing disastrous consequences.

Alternative Energy is a source of energy that occurs naturally in the environment. For example, energy from the Sun and the Wind, such sources of energy should be encouraged to make this world a better place, or a greener world or eco-friendly world.

The Advantages and Importance Solar Energy:

Solar energy is one of the most important natural sources of energy. This source of energy is absolutely free although there is a cost in the building of ‘collectors’ panels, cells and other equipments required in converting the solar energy into electricity.

It’s estimated that the world’s oil reserved may last for years. However, on the other hand the solar energy is infinite; it will last forever as long the world exist.

Solar energy does not cause pollution of any kind. However, solar collectors and other associated equipment and machines that are manufactured in factories may in turn cause pollution of some kind or the other.

Solar energy can be used in remote areas where there is no supply of electricity.

Items that we use on a daily basis such as cellphones, tablet, laptop, calculators and other low power consuming devices can be powered by solar energy without a problem. There are already many devices which are run by solar energy.

The Benefits of Using Windmill Energy

Wind is one the cleanest fuel source that is available to us without any cost.

It’s also the purest source of energy that does not pollute our environment.

Wind powered energy does not pollute the air like the fossil fuels.

The wind is free and with the help of the modern technology it can be captured efficiently and effectively at low cost once it’s installed.

In remote ares where there are no electricity power grid installation of wind turbines is a good option.

Wind turbine is costly to install but once installed it is environment friendly. There are no acid rain or what is called greenhouse gases effect.

Generally, wind Turbines are very tall but it also occupies less space and the land below the wind turbine can still be utilised which is specially true for agricultural land.

Many people find wind farms an interesting feature of the landscape. Wind turbines have a role to play in both the developed and developing third world countries.

Every single household to smaller towns and villages can make good use of the range of wind turbines that are available today in varied range of size and capacity.

Wind Energy is available and affordable at a reasonable cost and its life time investment.


The increasing use and demands of Solar and Windmill in the present generation is a good sign that people all over the world are conscious about the environment of the present world and are concern about its future.

Inorder to make this world a greener and better place to live in, we need to joint our hands and hearts together and take a pledge to use the purest, cleanest and the most natural source of energy in all that we use and do in our day today life.

Encourage and support one another to use technologies and products that are energy saving & efficient, environment friendly, non- polluting, sustainable, recyclable materials and eco-friendly.

So, Let’s Choose green, Use green, Go green and Stay green – inorder to make this world a comfortable and better place for all to live happily and joyfully.

The Importance Of Choosing Environmentally Friendly Products

green-consumer-productsPreferences for buying an Eco design, Eco energy and Eco-Friendly products will create a suitable and lovely environment for us to live and enjoy its benefits.

Fortunately, there are far more eco-friendly products now then in the past. There are many company who apply technology and application for a greener world. So it’s upto you and me to take the right decisions and make this world environmentally clean, safe and friendly.

Government, businessmen, manufacturers and consumers have to consider the effects of manufacturing on the environment. We must consider a variety of measures to save our environment products while designing or manufacturing products.

Many companies in the world today have products in their lines that are produced using sustainable ingredients with eco design, eco energy in manufacturing environment friendly products that are safe and reliable to use.

Products like Induction Cooktops, Propane Gas Fire pits, Kitchen appliances, Kindle, e-book readers, Tablets, ipads, and U.S.A electric razor etc are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Every possibly action has been taken to reduce poor environmental effects in manufacturing these products.

Designing and manufacturing with the environment in mind is a good sales point. When you design and manufacture a product it’s very important and crucial that you design with the environment in mind.

Priorities and preferences should be given in choosing natural and environment friendly materials which require minimum processing in the factory. The lesser the processing, the less pollution it will produce.

Kindle, Speakers and Cooktops are manufactured in an environmentally friendly factory which limits and monitor pollution.

think-greenToday, environmental problems are increasing day by day and its always in the headline in every newspapers and news report, especially the damage caused by air and noise pollution.

Saving energy, reducing waste is a part of careful planning and that will reflect our concern for the environment. Without considering the importance of reducing waste, products will become more expensive since more materials will be needed to produce.

Consumers demands products that are less harmful to the environment. People today are well aware of the environment around them and they tend to avoid products that will harm them when using it.

Tips for Purchasing Environmentally Friendly Products:

  • Firstly, learn of those environmentally-friendly conscious service providers and manufacturers before you decide to choose any particular product of your choice.
  • Evaluate services and products for environment friendly attributes. You’d like you product to be non-toxic, resource and energy efficient, durable, recyclable and repairable.
  • As far as possible, choose products that are made of recyclable materials that can be reused with less wastage.
  • Check out for Energy Star, Energy Efficient, Environmentally suitable and Non-ozone depleting substances in the products of your choice.

In the present generation, majority of consumers have begun to ask questions and make choices about the products they buy, based on their knowledge of the environment. This is also known as ‘Green Consumerism’. Consumers are aware of the environmental damage caused by manufacturing.

Marketing is now identifying the needs of the consumers. So Companies and manufacturers have to meet those challenges and offer the customers their best.

Customers and consumers are more likely to buy those products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Even the self claimed 2017 best shaver for leg offer green shaving.

Purchasing energy efficient, eco friendly, eco design products and services; learn to minimise waste in manufacturing and contributing for the development of environmentally-friendly products will greatly help in making this world the safest place to live.


Technology and Application of Internet for a Greener World


Technology is something we use in our everyday life. It may be gadgets like mobile phones, computer, ipads or even the latest gas cooktop on the market. There is always technology behind all these gadgets. As it has become an everyday use, we seldom remember the uses or the roles it plays in making the world go green. In fact we can hardly live without technology.

Technology is so advanced that software in the gadgets are compressed to store lots of information with functionalities to ease life. Life has never been the same since the use of mobiles and computers at home and in the office came into existence.

Using the technology of mobiles, tablets, laptops and iPods, let’s see how it help us in contributing the world to go green.

Technology and You

A few years back, you were compelled to go to banks and withdraw or deposit money physically. What involves in it is the time you spend in the bank and conveyance with automobiles. You need to spend more money for fare and by travelling with cars, the exhaust of your car helps in polluting the environment. Today, all you have to is just a simple click of a button to withdraw or transfer money at others account. You don’t have the need to stand in queues in the hot sun or in the rain. Thanks to technology for making life simpler for a greener environment. These days, you can take the help of the internet to shop, bank, fill out forms sent emails and many other things.

However, you should be able to operate it otherwise there is no point in having this facility. If you have the knowledge of computers, the internet is a boon for all of us. The other set back is that there are some mobiles, which are not compatible for using the internet. In such cases, you have to go for laptops or notepads to use the internet.

Digitized Technology for a Greener World

The world is so advanced that almost everything has been digitized to make everything simplified. It is easier to go paperless in almost all the institutions like banks, employment offices, insurance companies to mention a few. Here, the internet plays a vital role in going paperless pay stubs, bills, receipts and other documents. Now premiums and income taxes can be paid online. Exam forms can be done online and even courses can be studied online. The trend has drastically changed to go paperless in everything transactions.

What does it Matter if We Go Paperless?


The importance of going paperless is immense. There was a time when thousands of trees had to be cut to make papers for billions of people who uses paper in their daily life. Now, with the change in trend, fewer trees are being cut to make papers. We still feel the need of paper but not so important as it was in the past. If we save trees, the world will naturally go green on its own. Always human interference has damaged the green environment of the world.

In fact, it takes 24 trees to make a ton of paper and one tree to make only 16 reams of paper. If half of the population does not use paper, it will not only reduce landfill space but also reduce green house gases from the factories. Paper manufacturing mills are the fourth leading contributors of green house gases in the world. Therefore, the sooner we transform the habit of not using paper, the faster it will be for the world to go green.

What You should Do for a Greener World?

The first thing you should do for a greener world is to use the internet service with modern gadgets for most of the things you do in the office or at home. If you use online services, it cuts down the use of papers. With the help of the internet, you can keep the world at your fingertips. These days there is nothing much you cannot pay your bills online. One good example of online shopping is that catalogues, which used to deliver through the post is not seen anymore because there are many catalogues available online. In addition to that, advertisement of the products is easily seen on the gadgets. It is just a matter of a click of a button. Therefore, the necessity of paper catalogues does not arise. It will be obsolete very soon. The good news is that once you started going paperless, you are at least contributing something for a greener world. If asll the millions of people started going paperless, the world will become greener within a shorter span of time.

The internet plays a vital role in making the world go green. Emails, messages and other business correspondence are done through this without the use of papers. Social Medias also play a vital role for keeping in close contact with each other though physically, we are miles away from each other. The importance of communicating with letters is obsolete for both personal and business purposes. All these contribute in less usage of papers, which indirectly saves trees for a greener world.

Final Thought

For everyone in the world to take part in making the world go green, manufacturers should reduce the cost of gadgets so that more people can have access to technology, which indirectly helps in saving trees. Moreover, people should be well informed about the importance of saving trees and how each one of us can contribute for a greener world. Therefore, take advantage of the advancement in technology and the application of internet for a green earth.