Is the Development of Induction Cooktop a Boon for Green Revolution?


When we talk about Green Revolution practices, the basic idea that comes to our mind is the agriculture and its development that occurred in the 1940s and the late 1960s. It was an initiative taken to do research, analysis and technologies development; and it achieved its primary goal that is increase in agricultural production worldwide. It was a giant and a thoughtful step that improved economy worldwide and paved the way for development in many other fields.

It is found that the term ‘Green Revolution’ was first used by William Gaud, Director of United States Agency for International Development in 1968. He noted the invention and production of new technologies and spreading it worldwide for a greater cause. And what used to be mere agricultural revolution turned out to be driving force for many other revolutions. Today, when we talk about Green Revolution in a broader sense, it is not entirely based on agriculture. It has a much wider concept and covers many other subjects.

One interesting topic under green revolution is the Environmental Studies. In the quest for increase in agricultural production worldwide, many trees had been cut down. Machines are producing harmful gases and wastes. Chemicals are used worldwide. All these human actions had adversely affected our environment to a great extend that if we do not take up precautionary measures, we are at the point of extinction. Knowing this, scientist and technicians are contributing to this cause in a great way by developing new technologies and modern equipments that are environmental friendly. One such good example that we can take is the introduction of modern electric induction cooktop.

How does Induction Cooktop Help Create Green Environment?

Before jumping right away to the question, it would be meaningful if we take a brief analysis on what is induction cooktop and how it functions. Induction cooktop is a modern cooking device that uses electricity to derive its power. However, it is completely different from other electric cooktop or cooking method on how it cooks the food. The magic method that induction cooktop uses to cook the food is called induction heating. Click here to find everything about induction cooktop.

Inside an induction cooktop, a large copper coil is placed just underneath the cooking space. When electric current is supplied, it gets heated up and creates an electro-magnetic field capable of emitting heat when comes into contact with friendly element. So when you place a magnetic pan on top of induction coktop, the magnetic field created by the copper coil heats up the cooking pot directly. This process is known as induction heating. It is energy efficient and thus cooks double times faster than other cooking methods available like that of gas and electric coil cooktops.

Go Green with Induction Cooktop

As a smart modern device, induction cooktop has many advantages and benefits that will give you best cooking experience while maintaining a clean environment.  Induction cooktop is the cleanest method of cooking food due to the fact that it only needs electricity to operate. There is no burning of gas or wood like other kinds of cooktop hence making it the cleanest and safest of all. It is very safe in the sense that there is no open flame in it and therefore it does not emit any harmful gas. Your kitchen will remain cool and you and your family will stay healthy and sound.

Unlike gas and other cooktop; which is not favorable for anywhere cooking, induction cooktop gives you the possibility of cooking anywhere, provided there is wall socket. In this way, you can cook anywhere and the best thing is the environment and the surrounding remains clean and perfect. Even after use, you will not find ruins or mess to the nearby environment.

Induction cooktop comes with technology packed features that does not only gives you the best cooking experience, but more importantly for your safety and environment safety overall. The false alarm technology, auto cookware detection, automatic shutdown, touch control, LED display screen, etc. are all for the environment benefits.

If you think seriously about your environment and would like to contribute in a very small way for this noble cause, induction cooktop is a way to go. This modern technology device will give you the best user experience and above all save the environment from harmful threats. Go green and live green. Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

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