The Most Natural Source Of Energy – Sun & Wind Technology


Today, people are lost in the excitement of developing and using new technologies without thoroughly examining their effects on the world around us. At the same time we cannot ignore and undermine the importance of technology in our life.

Modern machinery and technologies consume a lot energy which in turn creates a lot of mess. There are many ways in which technology have harmed our health, the environment and the world at large.

Therefore, we should try our best to adopt and use technologies that improve not only our daily life, but our future and the world environment that we live in. Choosing environmentally friendly products and technology is more important than ever.

The dependence  on fossil fuels like gas, coal, oil, etc. is becoming acute on a daily basis. Most of the industrialised nations depend almost entirely on these fuels. So the world that we live is getting more and more polluted and difficult to survive. It is paramount that we find alternative energy to live in a greener world before facing disastrous consequences.

Alternative Energy is a source of energy that occurs naturally in the environment. For example, energy from the Sun and the Wind, such sources of energy should be encouraged to make this world a better place, or a greener world or eco-friendly world.

The Advantages and Importance Solar Energy:

Solar energy is one of the most important natural sources of energy. This source of energy is absolutely free although there is a cost in the building of ‘collectors’ panels, cells and other equipments required in converting the solar energy into electricity.

It’s estimated that the world’s oil reserved may last for years. However, on the other hand the solar energy is infinite; it will last forever as long the world exist.

Solar energy does not cause pollution of any kind. However, solar collectors and other associated equipment and machines that are manufactured in factories may in turn cause pollution of some kind or the other.

Solar energy can be used in remote areas where there is no supply of electricity.

Items that we use on a daily basis such as cellphones, tablet, laptop, calculators and other low power consuming devices can be powered by solar energy without a problem. There are already many devices which are run by solar energy.

The Benefits of Using Windmill Energy

Wind is one the cleanest fuel source that is available to us without any cost.

It’s also the purest source of energy that does not pollute our environment.

Wind powered energy does not pollute the air like the fossil fuels.

The wind is free and with the help of the modern technology it can be captured efficiently and effectively at low cost once it’s installed.

In remote ares where there are no electricity power grid installation of wind turbines is a good option.

Wind turbine is costly to install but once installed it is environment friendly. There are no acid rain or what is called greenhouse gases effect.

Generally, wind Turbines are very tall but it also occupies less space and the land below the wind turbine can still be utilised which is specially true for agricultural land.

Many people find wind farms an interesting feature of the landscape. Wind turbines have a role to play in both the developed and developing third world countries.

Every single household to smaller towns and villages can make good use of the range of wind turbines that are available today in varied range of size and capacity.

Wind Energy is available and affordable at a reasonable cost and its life time investment.


The increasing use and demands of Solar and Windmill in the present generation is a good sign that people all over the world are conscious about the environment of the present world and are concern about its future.

Inorder to make this world a greener and better place to live in, we need to joint our hands and hearts together and take a pledge to use the purest, cleanest and the most natural source of energy in all that we use and do in our day today life.

Encourage and support one another to use technologies and products that are energy saving & efficient, environment friendly, non- polluting, sustainable, recyclable materials and eco-friendly.

So, Let’s Choose green, Use green, Go green and Stay green – inorder to make this world a comfortable and better place for all to live happily and joyfully.

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