Top 6 Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly Induction Cooktop Brands & Models

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Technology plays a very important role in producing almost anything that we use and need on daily basis. However, there is always a better way and means to achieve such goals by choosing to use and to adopt the most effective, energy efficient and environment friendly methods.

There are different methods of cooking that are used and practiced by different group of people in the world. Cooking can be done with the help of oven, grill, stoves, fire, and griddle and much more.

Cooking may also be done with the help of cooktops which are commonly categorized as gas, electric and induction. However, Induction is the safest cooking method which is widely used all over the countries. Its energy efficient and environment friendly cooktop. Induction cooking technology is truly amazing and it’s a wonderful experience.

Induction method is among the greatest cooking technology in the world.

Nowadays, Induction cooking has become much more popular and the numbers of induction cooktops from the leading brands have increased dramatically.

The top six leading Induction Cooktop Brands are listed below with their best models which are famous and great in demand over the world market:

The Bosch Cooktop 

Bosch is one of the top leading producers of Induction Cooktops. Bosch cooktops are fabulous in design; it has remarkable features with high performance.

The Bosch kitchen appliances are mainly based in Munich, Germany.

Bosch frequently receives top ratings in leading consumer publications and it’s the winner of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award.

Bosch has been selling high performance German-engineered major kitchen and cooking appliances in the United States since 1991.

Among their list of productions the below Models are well known and in high demand all over the countries.

The Thermador Cooktop. 

Thermador is among the top leading brands that manufactures excellent and high performing cooktops in the world.

Thermador Induction cooktop is one of the coolest products that are available in the market today.

The Masterpiece Series induction cooktops are of the top selling cooktops of the world.

The Miele Cooktop 

Miele is one of the top quality controlled companies around the world.

They are very famous and well known for manufacturing remarkable and efficient induction cooktops which are highly powerful and efficient for cooking various dishes for the entire family.

The Frigidaire Cooktop 

Frigidaire is a popular affordable luxury brand in the American appliance market and they have a solid service history in the recent years.

They have already developed and launched two series of Induction Cooktops namely, the Professional Series and the Gallery Series.

Frigidaire induction cooktops are also considered as the best seller of the year.

The GE Appliances Cooktop 

GE Appliances is one of the topmost leading manufacturers of cooktops. They have crafted and produced high quality Induction Cooktops which are very efficient and highly productive for cooking any kinds of food items. GE Induction cooktops are superb in design with very attractive features.

The Waring Cooktop 

With seventy five years of manufacturing expertise, Waring is among the top leading brands that produces the most professional induction cooktops for outstanding results.

Waring is universally known for introducing top class induction cooktops in America. It’s also one of the most well known manufacturers of professional quality kitchen appliances in the world.

There are various other brands that also manufacture Induction Cooktops such as

New Wave, Duxtop, Max Burton, Hamilton Beach and True Induction

There are many other cooktops like, gas and electric cooktops that are available in the market. But, Induction is the fastest cooking method which is largely adopted and installed in almost every modern kitchen. It’s an environment friendly and eco- friendly cooktop.

Induction cooking technology gives off the least residual heat, so less venting is required. But at the same time it’s highly efficient and powerful cooktop for coking various kinds of food for the family. It heats up the cookware with no open flames.

Induction is the most efficient cooking method because there is very little loss of heat when cooking. Induction cooktops are very easy to clean and maintain without much effort. Induction is one of the easiest cooking surfaces to control. It’s very responsive with the ability to quickly change from a high power sear down to a low simmer.

To make this world a better place to live in we need to strive our best to live more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Therefore let us encourage one another to choose products that are eco-friendly and energy saving.

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